Running makes me a better mother

I call myself a runner, but in reality I am more of a jogger/quick walker.  On average I run anywhere from a mile to three miles, and that is when I can fit running into my schedule.  I can usually tell when I haven’t gone out for a run in a while, I get a little up tight, and easily annoyed.

I started running almost five years ago, it was the year my father died suddenly of a heart attack.  When I first started running it was in honor of my father.  It was also for my own health.  My children were ultimately my motivation.  My father was only 53, and I surely want to live to be older than that.  I want to be able to watch each of my children grow up.

As my youngest son got older and as life got more hectic; I had less and less time to myself.  I found that the times when I could get away and go running became my sanity breaks.  I felt so much better and more like myself after these runs.  These runs are what help me be a better mother.

What is it you do to ensure you are rested and restored?  You can’t be your best if you don’t have time for yourself.  You need to make sure you are taking time for you.  It doesn’t have to be long weekends, although that would be nice wouldn’t it?  It does have to be something that is all your own.  It needs to be a place or a thing you do that brings you a sense of peace and restores you to the best you, you can be.  Yes we are mother’s now, but that doesn’t mean we stop caring for ourselves.  So often moms get so stuck in the mom role, and sacrificing so many other things, that we also tend to sacrifice ourselves.  Don’t forget you in the process, take time for you today.

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