About me

A lot has changed since I began my doula business over five years ago. In 2019 I became a grandmother to a very sweet baby girl. In this transition I learned a lot more about being a doula than I had anticipated. In fact, I was surprised when I found myself thinking about my business while also learning how to be a grandmother. I also learned that, yes, becoming a grandmother is a transition and new role as well. In my early interviews, I often told expecting mothers that a doula was basically what your mom or sister use to be when everyone had more time. A relationship between a mother and a child is so much more. I never meant to imply a doula could be what your mom or grandmother could be, however, how many clients did I loose with those words? What I have learned along this journey is that a doula is all together an unique position that, unless you have experienced having one, you may not fully understand. As well, each doula brings with her, her own life story, her own mom bag so to say. A doula can come along side you and support you on many levels. I now see that a doula can open up some time for generations to connect, she can allow the new mom and dad time to connect with their newborn.

What can I bring to your family and your home? I have now worked with families for over twenty years. I have learned much in my personal journey of parenting my own four children. My children range from early elementary age to mid twenties, and now also includes a granddaughter. I have learned each family, as well as each child, is unique and I aim to respect that. I have been married for twelve years to a wonderful man who always encourages me to grow and challenges me to be the best me I can be. I have home schooled my youngest two boys for the past four years, while the oldest two graduated from public school. I spent almost ten years in the private preschool sector as a director and have a background with an array of families and cultures. I have a love of children that I have learned is a gift, and not everyone is granted this gift. I love that we all have such different ideas and backgrounds and that there are many ways to get from A to Z and my hearts desire is simply to be a help and support in a time when life is suppose to be joyous but can also be chaotic and scary.

I hold an associates in arts and science, a paraprofessional counseling certificate, on my journey to becoming a lactation consultant I began some nursing courses.  I did not acquire all the hours needed to become certified as of this date.   I also know basic ASL.  I am first aide and CPR certified. I can gladly provide references upon request.

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